Thursday, 13 March 2014

'Potato' Printing

I've had this idea for potato printing for ages.  This was actually my second attempt after meticulously carving out the perfect 'p' only to discover that I'd done it back to front, (obviously I then grew despondent and put the whole idea off for a while)!!!!  So chuffed with how it eventually came out.  Not sure if the dappled effect has more to do with printing it on grass than just the potato itself.  Need to do some more experimenting with printing on a hard surface, otherwise I'll be spreading the lawn with rolls of white fabric.  I've put the potato in the freezer to see if it will keep.  Got big plans for this print...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Painted Dresses

I almost wish I hadn't found these pictures of painted dresses, whilst experimenting with painting my own fabric.  I was discussing just recently with some friends, how there is a fine line between being inspired without being overly influenced by someone else's idea and subconsciously copying it.  These vintage dresses by Hermes are beautiful and humorous.  Hopefully I can be inspired by them to produce some modern and also tongue-in-cheek textile designs.

To see the full story see The Vintage Festival Facebook page.