Friday, 24 May 2013

Craft work

At the moment I'm trying to make some sheepskin boots and I'm really enjoying learning all about shoemaking.  I came across this little video and it totally rang true with my obsession with learning how everything is made and not only that but making things properly, by hand to a high standard.  It's great that you can get so much information off the web but it gets to a point where to learn the most about a craft you need to actually talk to someone.  I'd love to apprentice for a traditional shoe maker or a tailor to get first hand, hands-on experience.  I'm starting to get a bit fed up with all the courses for this, that and the other and I can't afford to pay for one or give up my soul to live in London.  Give me a wing to tuck under in some tiny workshop and I'd work my heart out to learn a traditional skill that's been passed down through generations, lets see if Google can find me that.....!