Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Some girls spend their whole life planning their wedding (ha, not me we didn't even tell anyone), for as long as I can remember I've been saving images and dreaming about my first home.  Finally the h-bomb (still not comfortable using the word husband) and I have purchased our first home!  Excitement aside it is definitely a project albeit a small one...

It's currently being used as an office.

It's a super old building so there's a bit of a damp problem and an old fashion skylight in the ceiling otherwise known simply as hole.

Measuring out our new bathroom.

Original floor detail.

It consists of two rooms, one big and one small!  We're hoping to install a mezzanine level in the large room with open plan living - otherwise know as; shit where you sleep!  In this case it will only be cook / eat where you sleep as we're going to put the bathroom in the smaller room in the back of the building!  We're aiming to keep the style of the space fairly industrial and we've already started to attend auctions and flea markets to find mid-century, vintage furniture.  So my blog might be taking a more renovation diary direction for a while, as I fill it with all my inspiration for our first home and the 'before and after' shots.